Street Style Cauliflower (Air Fryer)

This recipe is inspired by my favorite Mexican-style street corn recipe, made in the air fryer. These days, I use my air fryer for everything from pizza cauliflower to turkey breast.

Cream+chili+lime+cojita cheeses top off this addictive recipe!.

How To Make Street Style Cauliflower.

Add cauliflower to a bowl with oil and seasonings.

Place in air fryer and cook.

Remove when cool.


Top with cojita cheese mixture and lime wedges.

The most flavorful keto snack!.

Ingredients Mexican Cream Lime Juice Cojita Cheese Ground Chili Powder Cauliflower Olive Oil Chili Powder Cilantro Mayo Lime Swipe up for full list

Recipe Info Course: Appetizer, Side Dish Cuisine: Mexican Servings: 4

Low Carb Quick

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