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21+ Best Low Carb Beers for Keto Diets

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Looking for low carb beer? We checked the carb and calorie count of ales, pilsners, lagers, IPAs and more so you won’t have to. Take a look at the top beers with 2-5 grams of carbohydrate per serving.

hands holding two glasses of beer, making a cheers

Are any beers keto friendly?

There are no carbs in alcohol products that are pure like tequila and whiskey. Light beer and wine, on the other hand, can be low in carbs.

If you’re looking to cut down on calories and carbohydrates, light beers are a great option—and some of the greatest low-calorie beers are still filled with distinct tastes despite the lack of those calories and carbohydrates.

For keto diets, choose a light beer that’s around 3g of net carbs as it fits within your macro goals. Light brews typically have less than half the quantity of carbs found in regular brews. Some may have as little as 2g of carbs per serving size.

Note: Beer contains gluten, which may cause inflammation and digestive troubles that make it more difficult to achieve your goal of losing weight. Moderation is the key!

two tall glasses of beer

Pro tip: it’s ideal to pair your keto friendly beer with protein-rich recipes. This will slow down stomach emptying and reduce alcohol absorption. You may also use low carb beer in keto recipes, like beer cheese pretzels.

Low Carb Lagers

Miller High Life, Coors, Budweiser, and Yuengling are some of the most well-known American lagers.

Miller 642g642.8%
Coors Light5g1024.2%
Budweiser Select 551.9g552.4%
Yuengling Flight2.6g853.8%
Corona Premier2g904%
Low Carb Lagers: nutritional information is for one, 12 oz. serving size
tall glass of beer with foam at top
IPA Beer

Low Carb IPAs

Hops and floral, citrus, or fruity qualities dominate the flavor profile of India Pale Ales (IPAs), which include a wide range of beer varieties. Depending on the kind of hops used, the resulting product might be bitter or have a high alcohol content.

Prime Time by Bridge Brewing Co.1.5g1105%
Bright Tangerine by Devil’s Backbone2g904%
Day Time IPA by Lagunita’s Bewing3g984%
Low Carb IPA comparison: nutritional information is for one, 12 oz. serving size.
pale ale beer in a glass next to snacks
Pale Ale

Pale Ales

Pale Ales tend to be more hoppy than IPAs yet have a lower percentage of alcohol. 

Slightly Mighty by Dogfish Head4g953.6%
Victory Easy Ringer 3g964.3%
Summit Triumphant3.5g954%
Sixpoint Trail Haze7g994%
Low Pale Ale comparison. Nutritional information is for one, 12 oz. serving size.
tall glass of Pilsner beer

Pilsner Beers

A lager is a kind of beer that hails from the Czech Republic. In comparison to Czech pilsners, German pilsners have a light yellow hue and a crisp taste.

Deschutes Brewery by Da Shootz4.2g994%
Light Lager by Southbound Brewing3.5g1004.2%
Scrimshaw Pilsner by North Coast2g1004.7%
Low Carb Pilsner comparison. Nutritional information is for one, 12 oz. serving size.
hand holding a stout beer in a glass
stout beer


Stouts are a kind of dark beer, and their taste is influenced by where they are brewed. In Ireland and England, sweet stouts are recognized for their mild bitterness.

Guiness Draught10g1254.2%
Taddy Porter14g1865%
Murphy’s Irish Stout10g2404%
Low Carb Stout Comparison. Nutritional information is for one, 12 oz. serving size.

What beer has the lowest carbs and calories?

Here’s a handy chart with the lowest carb and calories for a variety of beer types.

LAGER: Miller 642g64
IPA: Prime Time by Bridge Brewing Co.1.5g110
PALE ALE: Victory Easy Ringer 3g96
PILSNER: Scrimshaw Pilsner by North Coast2g100
STOUT: Guiness Draught10g125
carbs and calories for each type of beer

Do any beers not have carbs?

Alcohol products that are pure, like tequila and whiskey, generally contain 0 carbs. Light beer and wine, on the other hand, may be low in carbs. Therefore, due to the processes used to make beer, hoppy drinks containing no carbs can not be manufactured.

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