Easy Crispy Crab Rangoon Chaffle Recipe Keto Low Carb

This crab rangoon chaffle with sweet chili are a keto and low-carb friendly way to enjoy your favorite Asian- inspired appetizer.

Ingredients Cream Cheese Grated Parmesan Cheese Canned Crab Meat Eggs Rice Vinegar Powdered Erythritol White Cheddar Cheese Chili Garlic Paste Red Pepper Flakes Ground Ginger Swipe up for full list

HOW MANY CARBS ARE IN THIS CRAB RANGOON CHAFFLE? This crab rangoon chaffle doesn’t have wontons, but instead uses parmesan cheese and egg in the recipe. This recipe has only 3 grams per chaffle.

HOW DO I MAKE A CRAB RANGOON CHAFFLE WITH CREAM CHEESE? To make the chaffle, simply soften the cream cheese and mix together all ingredients (exclude the sharp cheddar).

Keto and low carb friendly crab rangoon, made in the mini waffle maker.

WHAT’S A CHAFFLE? A chaffle started off in the keto community as a way to make low carb bread with eggs and keto-friendly flours.

TIP! To prevent sticking, be sure to use shredded cheddar cheese and spray extra non-stick spray. I like to spray both the mini waffle maker and the top of the chaffle.

Recipe Info Course: Appetizer Cuisine: Asian Servings: 4

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