Easy Egg Roll In A Bowl Recipe

This low carb inside out egg roll recipe is keto and low carb friendly. Make this quick dinner in only 20 minutes and serve with a simple Asian-inspired stir-fry sauce.

CARBS IN AN EGG ROLL A traditional egg roll is deep-fried, high in calories, and contains approximately 23 g. carbs. and is not gluten-free. This recipe, however, has a low glycemic index and only 15 g. net carbs (and even lower if you sub the carrots for keto veggies).

STIR FRY SAUCE – dark soy sauce – fresh ginger, grated or very finely diced – sriracha sauce

Healthy ingredients, fully customizable.

A simple sauce that’s low in carbohydrates.

Gather ingredients.

Brown beef, then add green onion.

Add veggies.

Stir-fry (meanwhile, make sauce).

Top with sauce, stir and serve.

Easily customizable for seafood, poultry or vegan options.

VARIATIONS AND RECIPE SUBSTITUTIONS For a quick recipe: use packed coleslaw vegetables instead of cutting it yourself. If you like you can play around with the vegetables, bell peppers, mushrooms or broccoli fit very nicely.

Ingredients Ground Beef Dark Soy Sauce Garlic Cloves Fresh Ginger White Cabbage Green Onions And Sesame Seeds Sriracha Sauce Mung Bean Sprouts Grated Carrots Swerve Brown Sugar Swipe up for full list

Recipe Info Course: Dinner Cuisine: Asian Servings: 4

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