Air Fryer Broccoli {Fresh/Frozen/under 10 minutes}

After making my air fryer zucchini chips the other day, I started thinking about making broccoli in the air fryer. This is a veggie we commonly make in our household and my air fryer is always saving me time. .

Grab your air fryer for the easiest, fail-proof broccoli ever! This broccoli is perfect every single time. No burning and perfectly crisp!

Top with your favorites.

Crisp, flavorful and easy.

Customize by adding other veggies too.

Salt and pepper your broccoli to taste before frying.

Parmesan cheese+salt+pepper.

Fresh cheese is the best broccoli topping.

Never overcooked.

Tender, yet not overcooked.

Ingredients Salt And Pepper Olive Oil Spray Grated Parmesan Cheese Broccoli Florets Red Pepper Flakes Or Garlic Powder Swipe up for full list

Recipe Info Course: Side Dish Cuisine: American Servings: 2

Low Carb Quick

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