Keto Carrot Cake

This Keto carrot cake It delivers on flavor and is easy to make, you are going to love this carrot cake recipe.

A traditional regular carrot cake would not be keto or classed as a low-carb option because of the usual traditional ingredients of sugar and flour. But this is gluten free & sugar free

But with some clever swaps for ingredients like sugar for erythritol and using almond and coconut flour instead, you can create a wholesome cake that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

A guilt-free low-carb cake to enjoy.

Now that you have all your ingredients here is the low carb carrot cake recipe.

Pre-heat the oven

Get a large bowl and add the softened butter and granulated erythritol and mix until creamy.  Add the two cups of grated carrots and stir to combine.

Next up, you will want to add the dry ingredients

Give the cake batter a good stir to make sure everything has combined.

Last of all add the roughly chopped pecan nuts and stir to incorporate them into the batter.

1. Pour the batter into the prepared baking tray or cake tin, and spread evenly.

make cream cheese frosting

bake cake

frost cake

1. Divide your one-layer cake into 15 squares and serve. Enjoy!

Ingredients Roughly Chopped Pecans Ground Nutmeg Finely Shredded Carrots Vanilla Extract Optional: ½ Tsp Vanilla Extract Ground Cinnamon Powdered Erythritol Granulated Erythritol Coconut Flour All-Spice Swipe up for full list

Recipe Info Course: Dessert Cuisine: American Servings: 15

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