Keto Chicken Salad

Traditional chicken salad, made with grapes and other add-ins is higher in carbs. I opted for a thick and hearty chicken salad made with bacon and avocado for this recipe.

The BEST keto friendly chicken salad recipe.

Healthy, scrumptious ingredients.

Simple, healthy low-carb ingredients.

Gather ingredients.

Add to a large bowl.

Add dressing.

+Cheese and stir.

Serve with cheese crisps or keto bread.

Use your favorite keto bread or fiber-rich tortilla.

Make ahead for easy meal prep.

Thick and hearty chicken salad.

Ingredients Celery Stalks Bacon Salt Scallions Avocados Ground Black Pepper Caesar Dressing Chicken Cheddar Cheese Swipe up for full list

Recipe Info Course: Dinner, Lunch Cuisine: American Servings: 8

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