Keto Asian Chili Sauce

Keto sweet chili garlic sauce is easy to make, with minimal ingredients, and all in under 10 minutes!

A sweet and spicy Asian-inspired garlic chili sauce.

A keto and low carb friendly recipe that pairs perfectly with seafood and stir-fry recipes.

Mix all ingredients in small pot

and bring to a boil

stirring frequently with a whisk. Remove.

Ever heard of an egg roll in a bowl? This sweet and spicy sauce goes perfectly with any fried cabbage stir-fry. Just mix up your stir-fry, then smother with this delectable sauce.

Ingredients Ground Ginger Rice Vinegar (If Low Carb) Chili Garlic Paste Garlic Powder Red Pepper Flakes, Optional Xanthan Gum Powdered Erythritol Swipe up for full list

Recipe Info Course: Side Dish Cuisine: Asian Servings: 3

Low Carb Quick

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