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9 Easy Keto Chaffles {Unique, Must-Try Recipes!}

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The keto community began making chaffles a few years back as a way to make easy bread for low-carb sandwiches.

easy keto chaffles

What’s a chaffle? 

Chaffles can be sweet or savory low carb treats made easily in the waffle maker.

Chaffles have expanded in popularity with everything from the pickle chaffle to the chocolate chaffle.

Check out our top list of keto recipes for the mini waffle maker

  • Crunchy yogurt keto chaffle
  • Bacon jalapeño cheese chaffle
  • Everything, chocolate chip, classic and jalapeño chaffles
  • Crab rangoon chaffle
  • Buffalo chicken chaffle
  • Bonus: Fried pickle chaffle

Quick and Simple Yogurt Chaffle

These crunchy yogurt keto chaffles are fully Low Carb, Grain-Free, Gluten-Free with a different variety to spice up your daily Keto breakfast routine.

easy yogurt chaffle

Easy Bacon Jalapeño Cheese Chaffle

This crisp bacon jalapeño cheese chaffle is a crowd-pleasing keto appetizer.

Crisp and crunchy on the outside, super cheese on the inside!

easy to make jalapeño cheese chaffle cracked open with cheese inside

Chaffles 4 Ways

Choose from Jalapeno, everything, chocolate chip, and classic with these awesome chafflee recipes.

simple sweet and savory chaffles 4 unique recipes

Crab Rangoon Chaffle

This definitely different keto chaffle is easy to make and so yummy served with sweet chili sauce.

simple and unique crab rangoon seafood chaffle

Simple Buffalo Chicken Chaffle

1 carb, 4-ingredient crispy buffalo chicken chaffle made easily for lunch or as an appetizer perfect for dipping in ranch dressing.

These keto treats are an easy, go-to snack and perfect for dipping!

easy buffalo chicken chaffle

Extra: The keto fried pickle chaffle that went viral 

Remember when the pickle chaffle went TikTok viral? These keto fried pickles are crispy and taste like they’re straight from the restaurant.

2 ingredients and only 1 carb for simple fried pickles made with cheese in the mini waffle maker.

easy to make fried pickle chaffle with cheese

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